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Караоке KTV

Караоке KTV

Караоке KTV в Гуанчжоу
КТВ невероятно популярное развлечение в Китае
А) у молодежи
Б) у мужчин
Почему? Часто в KTV можно нанять девушек чтобы они пели с тобой (но чаще всего все выглядит по-другому)
Здесь же можно заказать еду и напитки.
Есть английские песни, но русских нет)
Party World (Tianhe flagship branch)
With first-class decoration and graceful surroundings, Party World is a place of relaxation for people of good tastes. There are more English songs for choice here, and also songs in Japanese and Korean. The buffet dinner here is excellent. Bubble tea and bubble black tea from southern Taiwan are also served here.
Адрес: No. 191,Sinopec Tower, Tiyuxi Road, Tianhe District
Телефон: 37619999
Метро: Tiyuxilu
Church Council (Tianhe branch)
Church Council is open around the clock, with modern layout and decoration. The rooms are all very spacious with private bathrooms. They are suitable for the gatherings of large numbers of people. Buffet dinner is served.
Адрес: 1-3/F, Tianhe Hui Plaza, N0160, Tianhe Zhi Jie, Tianhe
Телефон: 38810999
Метро: Tiyuxilu
Shindax KTV(Grandview Plaza branch )
Shindax KTV locates on the 4th floor of Grandview Plaza. Besides singing songs, you’ve got the opportunity to taste a wonderful buffet dinner with 300 dishes from all over the world Chinese cuisines are of course served,and western-style and Japanese-style ones are also for your choice.
Адрес: 4/F Grandview Plaza, No. 228 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District
Телефон: 020-38350333
Метро: Tiyuzhongxin
Neway(Xinguang branch)
Each room of the new branch of Neway has its own unique desgin, which is the favorite of young people. In its Chen Clan Academy branch, if no one books the room after you, you can continue to use it without additional fees.
Адрес: N0 600 Kangwang Zhong Road, Liwan District
Телефон: 020-81339998
Метро: Chenjiaci
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